Spectre, Inc. offers a full range of intelligence and security services, including:
  Spectre managers and associates maintain the highest professional standards in carrying out:


Covert surveillance anywhere in the United States using trained, experienced operatives.

Process Service
Serving court documents including subpoenas, summons, complaints, citations, rules to show cause and wage garnishments at residences and workplaces.

Questioning of individuals in situations regarding litigation, criminal investigation and security.

Photography and Reconstruction
The finest spatial documentation for litigation using standard or digital still photos and video.


Spectre not only collects information, but expertly interprets it in instances such as:

Case Review and Deductive Analysis
Analysis of crimes and incidents to determine probable cause, methods and/or motives.

Safety and Site Surveys
Physical site surveys to determine the safety of merchandise, structures, employees, customers and visitors.


Spectre can determine the validity of information reported by individuals or businesses on:

Employment History
Employment dates, positions and responsibilities, performance and reliability, reasons for leaving, salary histories, and employer impressions.

The status of individual and business licenses is checked through licensing agencies.

Social Security Numbers
Social Security Number checks can uncover possible identity fraud. After numbers are verified, consumer reporting services can reveal aliases and produce address histories.

Spectre researchers compile reports including:

Due Diligence
Customized profiles can be developed for any sized business or organization and its officers.

In addition to public record searches, Spectre can research an individual’s personal history, habits, associates and activities.

Intelligence about an area ranging from business trends to crime statistics to infrastructure.


Public Records
Spectre has a nationwide network of researchers and electronic information systems for investigating public records including:

Criminal History: Felony and misdemeanor searches at the federal, state and county levels.

Civil Litigation History: Judgments and liens from the federal, state and county levels.

Workers Compensation Claims: Cross-referencing from agencies across the country to track claim histories.

Credit Histories: For individuals and businesses.

Bankruptcies: Complete access to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system.

Property and Deed Transfers: Property information including ownership history, assessed values and sale prices from county records across the country.

Corporate Registrations: Information on registered corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies from secretaries of state offices.

Regulatory agency records: Complaints and disciplinary actions

Locates and Skiptracing
Spectre locates missing individuals at residences and businesses using intelligence system exploration, pretexting and physical site observation.

News Archives
Spectre compiles complete media reports on individuals, businesses or situations. Full text articles and bibliographies are organized to meet client needs.
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